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Muschany Cemetery Hike

     If you have an hour or so, are in the mood for some exercise, and desire to experience some local history, you may want to attempt to find the old Muschany burying ground.  The cemetery can easily be found with just a good sense of direction and a little effort!

     Park in the Lost Valley Trail parking lot, which is located on the north side of Highway 94  just a ways down the road from the intersection of Highways DD and 94.  Follow the trail northeast.  As you walk on this trail, you will be following the Muschany Hollow Road, that ran from the Marthasville Road (Highway 94) to the town of Howell, one of the villages removed by the U. S. government in 1941.  The trail parallels Little Femme Osage Creek.

     After approximately .45 mile, the road turns to the northwest.  In 270 feet, the trail crosses a very narrow stream.  Walk 30 feet beyond the stream and look to the right.   You will see a hill.  This is the site of the farmhouse where several generations of the Muschany family lived.




Walk north, up the hill, less than 100 yards.  As you reach the top of the hill, look to the east and, you will see the cemetery (695358   4282424).    It is fenced with wire and marked with a sign.

     Only members of the Muschany family are buried here.  The first two burials were only eight days apart in 1876 and were those of two very young children.  One can only imagine the

grief that was expressed in this little cemetery at that time.  Another grave worth noting is that of John Muschany, who was a Civil War veteran.  Also be sure to look at the peculiarly positioned headstone of Catharine Muschany; it faces south, not east, the traditional headstone direction.

     As you leave the cemetery, walk several yards to the west of the cemetery and look for the pile of rubble, all that is left of the Muschany home.  If you look carefully, you may find the remains of their cistern; the top few feet of stonework are exposed.  In the springtime, this area is covered with daffodils, planted long, long ago by family members.

     Hope you enjoy the hike!