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Daniel Cemetery Hike

     Last month the newsletter featured a hike to the Muschany Cemetery on Lost Valley Trail.  This month the Daniel Cemetery in the northern part of our area is featured.  This hike does involve GPS coordinates, but anyone with a compass and good sense of direction will have an enjoyable walk.

     Park in the Missouri Conservation Department lot on the south side of the road, .35 miles east of the junction of Highways D and 94.  The trail goes to the southeast; it is the old road that eventually ended at the ferry on the Missouri River.  In .7 miles the road makes an obvious sharp turn to the left.  In .15 miles the trail comes to a Y in the road; bear to the right.  In another .15 miles the trail comes to another Y; again bear to the right.  This trail is clearly marked, so you should have no trouble following it.

     Walk another .15 miles and you will arrive on the Daniel Cemetery on your left (N38.41.39.1, W90.41.34).  Note the headstones in German.  The earliest burial here was in 1874.  According to records, several unmarked graves are also here.





     If you walk only about 200 feet further down the trail, you can attempt to locate the site of the original Daniel home on the right of the trail (N38.41.35.2, W90.41.32.3).  You should find a large depression marking a cellar, the top few feet of the well, and piles of rubble.  This farm was owned by M. Daniels (who is buried in the cemetery) from at least 1875 until 1910; Catherine Lauer owned it in 1940.

     If you want to do more exploring, on your way back to the trailhead, stop at that Y .15 miles from the cemetery.  This time turn to the right (off the trail) and walk about 130 feet (N38.41.45.8, W90.41.33.9).  You will be standing on a farm owned by Richard Rosenthal from at least 1875 until 1910; Kenneth Bitting owned it in 1940.  A few yards to the right you should find a farm pond, the top few feet of the well, and daffodils (in the spring).  In the first ravine to the left you should find the farm's trash heap.  If you look carefully, a lot of interesting artifacts can be observed.

     The total distance covered in this hike is about 2 ½ miles.  Hope you have a great walk!