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Boone -Duden Francis Howell Cemetery History Tour

Boone -Duden Francis Howell Cemetery History Tour  October 6, 2PM

The third annual Boone-Duden Historical Society cemetery tour was held on October 6 at 2PM at Francis Howell Cemetery.

This year the featured cemetery will be the Francis Howell (previously known as Fitz) Cemetery which is located in Busch Wildlife Area past the Missouri Conservation Department office. This cemetery features the graves of some of the earliest pioneers and settlers in the St. Charles County area; many oof whom arrived before Missouri Statehood in 1821, and many who arrived while this area was Spanish territory.

Please note:  This is not the Thomas Howell Cemetery on Hwy 94.

Several characters including Francis Howell, Sarah Johnson, Fortunatus Boone Castlio, O.E Bacon, J.C.Pitman and other characters will speak in costume  and tell stories of their lives and their times.

Characters who settled the area in th 18th century though the mandatory removal of all citizens from 18,000 acres that had been their homes for generations in 1941 to build the TNT Plant for WWII munitions manufacture will speak.