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William (1843-1916) & Augusta nee Fischer (1850-1935) – compiled by Cathie Schoppenhorst

1.     William Charles (1873-1954) M Frances Seitrica (1869-1926): Augusta M Gerstner: none

2.     Amalia (1875-after 1957) M William Waelke (1875-1957): none

3.     August C (1876-1954) M#1 Emilie K. Luetkemeyer: Oscar, Viola, August, Esther, Verna, Mamie & Eli [many descendants]; M#2 Dora Kuschel Meyer

4.     Johann Jacob (1878-1879)

5.     Ernst August (1879-1880)

6.     Wilhelm Heinrich Herman (1881-1902)

7.     August Adolph Otto (1883-1954) M#1 Dena Strattmann who died in childbirth; M#2 Ella Guhlemann: Andrew, Ewald, Arthur, Dorothy [many descendants]; raised Schuster nephews

8.     Mina Meta (1885-1979) M August Waelke: child died age 16

9.     Carl (1886-1886)

10.     Anna Auguste (1887-1968) M Henry Nadler (1886-1926): Arlie, Omar, Berniece [have descendants] buried in Wellington, Lafayette County

11.     Anna Friederike (Annie) (1889-1921) M Edwin Schuster: Elmer (killed at work by a body press), William; Edwin married Minnie Backhaus after Annie died

I am Augusta Brinkmann, and I have a story to tell. I was born in 1850, the daughter of William Fischer. My family came from Germany to the Schluersburg area when I was a girl. My husband, William Brinkmann, was also born in Germany in 1843, and came here as a young man, already trained as a stonemason. He sailed from Bremerhaven on the North Sea to the Baltimore Harbor, and paid for his passage by agreeing to fire the ship's boiler. He had to work two trips as fireman in order to fully pay his way. Many years later he cut the stones and laid the foundation for this church.

William and I were married and lived temporarily in St. Louis, then in a yellow limestone home near Femme Osage Creek Road north of here. That home had been built in 1852 and was later the home of our son Otto and his children. While it no longer stands, the original stone smokehouse remains. We also did some farming, but did not have as many acres as some of our neighbors, such as William Gerdemann, William Schmidt, Elizabeth Wildschuetz and John Becker. In 1880 we reported to the census taker that we were tilling 15 acres, and had 25 acres of woodland. Our farm was valued at $500 and we had $10 in implements and $100 in livestock. We had 1 horse, 1 mule, 2 milk cows and 1 other cow, 4 swine and 100 poulty. We sold 400 dozen eggs, 100 pounds of butter and 5 gallons of molasses. We raised 100 bushels of Indian corn on 4 acres, 75 bushels of oats on 3 acres, 130 bushels of wheat on 11 acres, 30 bushels of Irish potatoes on ¼ acre and had 6 apple trees. We cut 25 cord of wood valued at $125. We spent $25 on building and repairing fences and $60 on wages for farm labor.

William and I had 12 children, although several died young, and only 7 were living when William died in 1916. They were William, Amelia, August, Otto, Meta, Augusta and Anna. I lived another 19 years, and died at the home of our daughter, Meta, in St. Louis. I  was blind and had fractured my skull. William and I had 18 grandchildren and many other descendants, some of whom are still living in the area today.

Augusta and William Brinkmann  Thomas Howell Cemetery