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Don't Let the Fire Go Out – Stories to Tell and Retell                               

                                                                                                       by Dr. Anita Mallinckrodt

The Boone-Duden Historical Society would like to invite the entire community to hear  Dr. Mallinckrodt speak on German Immigration.  This presentation is adapted from her latest book " Don't Let the Fire Go Out – Stories to Tell and Retell."  It will be held on Monday, April 30 at 7:00 p.m. in the dining hall of Ebenezer United Church of Christ at 5543 Walnut Street in Augusta.

Her account will begin with a colorful retelling of a March day in 1832 when the first permanent, German-speaking settlers to Augusta (then known as Mount Pleasant) saw the land they had purchased above the Missouri River and met their already-present Anglo-American neighbors.  Dr. Mallinckrodt's account moved from the immigrants' initial adaptions to their neighbors' material help and Anglo orientation, to the founding of new institutions that served the German-speaking settlers, such as bilingual schools and German language newspapers.  In the next generations of American-born descendants, there were dramatic events that affected the entire world.  The third generation was the last directly impacted by immigration. Dr. Mallinckrodt's conclusion for Boone-Duden will be a special “Augusta ending.”

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